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Name : The Hearst Garden of Comparative Zoology
Species : Private zoo
Origin : Delusion of grandeur
Current habitat : Californian wild coast
Diet : Memories

“William Randolph Hearst created the largest private zoo in the world on his ranch at San Simeon. Traveling the winding ranch road to Hearst Castle guests passed through fenced fields populated with many species of exotic wild animals freely roaming over the hillsides as though they were native to this land. It was an amazing sight. The ever-changing collection of animals was established in 1923 when American bison, Rocky Mountain elk, and European white fallow deer were acquired.”


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Hunters, Herders and Hamburgers


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Of Human-Animal Relationships


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Biosphere 2


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New voices in Animal Studies

More about the FHI


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American Dairy Association

Holly Cow

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Name : Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Species : Animal fair
Origin : Deep Texas cowboy soul
Date : March, 2011
Diet : Animals, dead or alive

“For more than 78 years, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been the heartbeat of the Southwest, beating powerfully with nearly 24,000 volunteers who annually contribute their time, resources, and talent as part of the world’s largest livestock exhibition, world’s richest regular-season rodeo, and the Southwest’s premier entertainment event.”


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Name : Katrina
Species : Hurricane
Origin : Natural Disaster
Date : August, 2005
Diet : All it can get

“Experts are calling it the largest animal rescue operation in history. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana, the city’s human residents weren’t the only ones trying to cope with flooded and devastated homes. More than 250,000 pets — from cats and dogs to parrots and fish — were left stranded by the storm’s destruction. Owners, expecting to return a few days later, left food and water for their pets. But days turned into weeks, and pets had to struggle to survive without supplies or the love and care of their owners.”


The Dream Depot

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Name : Georgia Aquarium
Species : Hybrid entertainment park
Origin : This $290 million dollar attraction is dedicated to
the people of Georgia and the associates, customers and shareholders of
The Home Depot
Birthdate : November 25, 2005
Current habitat : Atlanta
Diet : Visitors, by millions

“The acquisition of Marineland is part of an overall long-term strategy on behalf of Georgia Aquarium to expand the positive benefits of its programs throughout the Southeastern U.S.”


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“There are over 2,000 chimpanzees found in a variety of facilities across the United States. In fact, in addition to their housing in accredited zoological parks, chimpanzees are one of the only exotic animals found in biomedical laboratories, sanctuaries and unaccredited animal parks in addition to being owned as pets and performers for television, movies and advertisements.”


About the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan

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