Born in the USA

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Name :  Waiting for christening
(Facebook contest under way)
Species : Ceratotherium simum (White Rhinoceros)
Origin : Assisted reproduction
Habitat : The Wilds
Diet : Processed food

Four weeks old…


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Name : Liberty
Species : Bald Eagle
Origin : Reproduction center
Current Habitat : National Aviary
Diet : Rodents, often dead, sometimes alive

“Established as the national emblem of the United States in 1782,
the bald eagle is a treasured symbol of liberty

At the foot of her promontory is
a commemorative plate for an ancient Independance War prison…

Mouse Trap

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Name : XXX
Species : Mus musculus domesticus
: Medical lab
Current Habitat : Rodent section of the Mammals division of the NHM
Diet : Taxidermists’ chemistry

Richard Pell‘s files : “These mice were donated to the Smithsonian by
a researcher at a nearby Navy medical lab prior to the end of World War II…”


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