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Biosphere 2


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World Scientific Collaboration


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“Sex differences in children’s toy play are robust and similar across cultures. They include girls tending to play more with dolls and boys more with wheeled toys and pretend weaponry. This pattern is explained by socialization by elders and peers, male rejection of opposite-sex behavior and innate sex differences in activity preferences that are facilitated by specific toys. Evidence for biological factors is controversial but mounting. For instance, girls who have been exposed to high fetal androgen levels are known to make relatively masculine toy choices. Also, when presented with sex-stereotyped human toys, captive female monkeys play more with typically feminine toys, whereas male monkeys play more with masculine toys. In human and nonhuman primates, juvenile females demonstrate a greater interest in infants, and males in rough-and-tumble play. This sex difference in activity preferences parallels adult behavior and may contribute to differences in toy play. Here, we present the first evidence of sex differences in use of play objects in a wild primate, in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). We find that juveniles tend to carry sticks in a manner suggestive of rudimentary doll play and, as in children and captive monkeys, this behavior is more common in females than in males.”


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New voices in Animal Studies

More about the FHI


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American Dairy Association

Holly Cow

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Name : Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Species : Animal fair
Origin : Deep Texas cowboy soul
Date : March, 2011
Diet : Animals, dead or alive

“For more than 78 years, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been the heartbeat of the Southwest, beating powerfully with nearly 24,000 volunteers who annually contribute their time, resources, and talent as part of the world’s largest livestock exhibition, world’s richest regular-season rodeo, and the Southwest’s premier entertainment event.”


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Name : Katrina
Species : Hurricane
Origin : Natural Disaster
Date : August, 2005
Diet : All it can get

“Experts are calling it the largest animal rescue operation in history. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana, the city’s human residents weren’t the only ones trying to cope with flooded and devastated homes. More than 250,000 pets — from cats and dogs to parrots and fish — were left stranded by the storm’s destruction. Owners, expecting to return a few days later, left food and water for their pets. But days turned into weeks, and pets had to struggle to survive without supplies or the love and care of their owners.”



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“Reticulate evolution and humans: origins and ecology
By Michael Lynn Arnold



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