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“There are over 2,000 chimpanzees found in a variety of facilities across the United States. In fact, in addition to their housing in accredited zoological parks, chimpanzees are one of the only exotic animals found in biomedical laboratories, sanctuaries and unaccredited animal parks in addition to being owned as pets and performers for television, movies and advertisements.”


About the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan


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Species : Pongos
Origin : Several (some from Yerkes)
Current habitat : Atlanta Zoo
Diet : To brocolis, some of them prefer cheeseburgers
Since orangutans in the wild are difficult to observe, Marietta Dindo designed an experiment with captive animals. “We had 13 orangutans at the time of the study, and this allowed us to look at what we call a transmission chain: individuals learning like in the game of telephone. I tell you something, then you tell him something and so on, how does that information then pass on? We wanted to see whether or not these orangutans would learn,” she continues.



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