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Name : ID numbers
Species : Gymnongyps californianus (Californian Condor)
Origin : Pleistocene
Current habitat : West America
Diet : Carrion (now sometimes fed by a puppet condor)


“As the condor‘s population continued to decline, discussion began about starting a captive breeding program for the birds. Opponents to this plan argued that the condors had the right to freedom, that capturing all of the condors would change the species’ habits forever, and that the cost was too great. However, the project received the approval of the US Government, and the capture of the remaining wild condors was completed on Easter Sunday 1987, when AC-9, the last wild condor, was captured. There were only 22 condors in existence, all in captivity.”

“The California Condor conservation project is the most expensive species conservation project in United States history, costing over $35 million, including $20 million in federal and state funding, since World War II.”

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