Fish Farming

May 6th, 2011 § 0 comments

Name : AquAdvantage® Salmon
Species : Transgenic (Salmonidae mutants)
Origin : AquaBounty Biotechnologies
Current habitat : Labs and lobbies (soon to be plates)
Diet : STS model (food, farms, distribution networks and also laws, imaginaries, traditions, etc.)

“The perception of environmental and social risks from genetically engineered organisms (GEOs) has made it one of the most controversial emerging technologies today. Unlike their conventional analogs, there is greater regulatory attention to the social and environmental dimensions of GEOs. Unquestionably, social mobilization, scientific uncertainty, and consumer resistance all considerably shape the trajectory of this technology. The types of commodities that are adopted by farmers and the form in which they reach consumers are profoundly shaped by politics – industry, activist, government agency, and consumer. Likewise, the politics of GEOs is shaped by the kinds of commodities brought in the research pipeline and the places where they are introduced. Activists more readily target some commodities than others, while some commodities have broader support for adoption.
(Cf. Dustin Mulvaney Thesis)”



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