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Our research program focuses on a potential evolutionary break in the anthropogenic process by reconsidering mutational effects of human and animal interactions.

Setting aside fiction, literature and philosophical speculations (such as science-fiction, bioethics, etc.), we strive to describe and analyze contemporary modalities of certain animal transformations. “Animal” is here understood as a component of a global system rather than something which can be solely described by its living nature.

Rather than considering what is (or is not) an Animal, we would like to describe what is (or is not) a 21st century animal’s life. By establishing biographies of both interacting humans and animals, our program explores new practical ways of considering these questions.

Animals are changing, so are we.

We have selected some main archetypes of humanized animals (as pets, guinea pigs, protected specimens or performing beasts) and their animalized human companions (owners, scientists, caregivers or tamers). In this manner, we will be able not only to study the natural consequences of artificial selection in living organisms but also to reexamine its cultural, political, economic and social implications for humanimal communities and their mutational effects.

Our contribution could benefit global contemporary debates regarding ecological aspects (such as the impact of and role played by human societies in biodiversity) and reaction dilemmas that come with them (what are the consequences of manipulations on living organisms?). For these two major issues, we will provide examples, fueled by natural and human history from a perspective of long-term co-evolution.

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